Kate openly reflects on that moment of the night they first received “the call” alarming them that their child had been arrested. Her “journey” was suddenly the same as a growing quiet number of tens of millions of American families.

Ignoring stigmas and shame,  she now advocates for the families who are losing their loved ones to addiction and incarceration. Her most recent work is with:

The National Incarceration Association ~ President and CEO

InterNational Prisoners Family Conference ~ Advocacy in Action Coalition

Georgia Department of Corrections Citizens Advisory Panel

Fulton County Citizen’s Court Watcher ~ 2016 Citizen of th Year

Atlanta/Fulton County Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative ~ Sustaining Committee 

Prison Fellowship Advocate

Shatterproof Ambassador

Kate dedicates her time to this work, which is part of her on-going passion to create awareness about mass incarceration and addiction as well as seek solutions to challenges faced by families and the community. This is all done to help not only her son Daniel, but for the thousands of other families who are suffering.


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Stop Mandatory Minimums!

Our vision is a nation in which sentencing is individualized, humane, and sufficient but not greater than necessary to impose just punishment, secure public safety, and support successful rehabilitation and reentry. 

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