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Today I thought about choices and the consequences of those choices. The word consequences make people think about the negative impact that one might have when making a poor choice, but in fact the consequences of a good choice are equally profound.

And I am living proof of both outcomes.

As I ponder on the past 3 years and 5 months of my son’s incarceration, I think about the word “rehabilitation” and how absurd it really is in relation to what I’ve seen. (And those of you who go behind the razor wire know exactly what I mean). Many think my son has had some form of educational opportunities.

To the contrary.  He has had nothing but a mundane work detail.  In fact, he just started an HVAC class two weeks ago and loves it.  Sad part is, at 25, he should have his college degree by now.


extortion, as by blackmail or threats of violence.

An instance of or a demand for blackmail, extortion, etc; victimizationby the 

protection racket 

a thorough search:

a shakedown of prison cells to uncover hidden drugs.

The definition of shakedown is spot on. Yesterday Central State Prison was the target of an intensive shakedown in order to uncover contraband.

So this is Christmas. And another New Year. Hard to believe that my son has missed 4 of them.

Since the fateful day of Daniel’s arrest, November 2011, I began the fight of my life. One I never expected to lose, but wasn’t sure how to win it either.

I am struck by the fact that no one really understands, or cares to understand the real issues facing families. We skip happily along in our beautiful cul-de-sac neighborhoods, trying our best to outpace everyone. Trying to multi task and micro manage our families into a beautiful Norman Rockwell painting.