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I am coming off of a whirlwind week that began with Operation Reform (#cut50) in Jacksonville. I was moved, inspired and hopeful as I listened to people from across the country advocate for reform. The work and the movement has begun, how exciting.

“As a leader of the free world, we are obligated to ensure the processes of our criminal justice system are administered to all humans with equality and dignity, instilled with the principles of basic human rights. The enormity of The Mass Incarceration Continuum requires immediate meaningful legislative intervention.

2 years and 11 months ago today my husband and I watched a jury find our son Daniel guilty of armed robbery and subsequently sentenced to 15 years in state prison, WITH OUT the possibility of parole. He had no priors, no weapon, stole nothing and hurt no one.

November 27, 2011 Daniel and Brandon were arrested and indicted on armed robbery with a knife, aggravated assault with a knife, aggravated assault with a PVC pipe, battery and carrying a weapon on school property.

Some days are hard, some days not so bad, some days I am empowered, others angry. All of these emotions can reek havoc on a soul. Ask my mothers that I work with that have kids in prison. Ask anyone who has a loved one in prison.

As I sit at my desk, going over the hundreds of ‘notes to self’, I contemplate my next steps. My weeks are filled with all sorts of things, calls from anxious parents, setting appointments with those who can help Daniel, studying the issues that are affecting our community, reading local and national news articles and sharing them accordingly, attending lectures and doing speaking engagements. (Not to mention the job that pays me!)