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When Daniel was first convicted last October, I numbly went through the motions of trying to figure out how to help him. I Googled all kinds of things and found a myriad of information, little of which really prepared me for this journey. During the first few months I was in such a bad state that I had no real focus, well that has changed.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people are affected by Daniel's story. I am constantly getting random emails and posts from complete strangers who say things like "his story haunts me", "You are an inspiration", and "I have a similar situation". What I am finding is that my work is becoming an important part of helping so many people in so many ways. I always felt that knowledge is power, so when I teach people what I know to be fact then they have the power to make the proper decisions. You see the system will not give you knowledge.

I am sure you know the story of The Tortoise and The Hare, slow and steady wins the race. This is something I have lived by. My consistent letter writing, studying, speaking about Daniel's story publicly and just plain believing has gotten me to the point where I have been asked to serve on a very important committee.

Yes I did get a response from President Obama today, and it wasn't a generic thank you for writing type of letter, it was on official stationary, addresed to me and signed by Barack Obama himself. The letter started with:

Something dawned on me today. I pay taxes and I vote. I pay the salaries of everyone who has been involved in the prosecution and incarceration of my son, I also pay for my son's incarceration. Of course anyone living in Fulton County or Georgia, pays as well, but the weird thing is, I am paying for something I don't believe in. My son's bone crushing sentence makes no sense to anyone who hears his story. Many people who hear it for the fist times ask me things like, did someone die? Was someone hospitalized? Was there a gun? What was stolen?