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As I sit at my desk, going over the hundreds of ‘notes to self’, I contemplate my next steps. My weeks are filled with all sorts of things, calls from anxious parents, setting appointments with those who can help Daniel, studying the issues that are affecting our community, reading local and national news articles and sharing them accordingly, attending lectures and doing speaking engagements. (Not to mention the job that pays me!)

Most of you are aware that for the past 26 months I have been setting up meetings with people to talk about Daniel’s case, tell his story, and offer solutions. I have built solid relationships with people who are in high level roles. I have been on several committees involving Judges, DA’s, police, educators and health professionals.

If you have a child in prison, you are right there with them.

May 23, 2014

I had another defining moment today…. Tomorrow will make 19 months for Daniel being locked up. Most of the time I can deal with it, but sometimes a gripping anger comes over me as I think about his day to day life in the ‘chain gang.’ That’s what they call it inside. We are in the ‘free world.’

March 23, 2014
I felt particularly sad this morning, something I have not felt in quite some time. In fact, people often ask me how I can be so happy. I say that I thank God every day for allowing my son to be free from the demons of heroin addiction.
In the last three weeks, three more kids died,  all 20, all from Johns Creek. All victims of a broken system. My son is alive. And for that, I am grateful.