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Daniel loves getting letters and pictures, here are the guidelines:

Pictures can't be larger than 4x6, he loves them on glossy paper rather than computer paper. He loves pictures of musicians, older BMW's, pit bulls, album covers and of course you. If you aren't sure then email me for suggestions.

No books, magazines, paperclips, staples. You can print out an article or tear out something to include in the envelope. Ideally make a photo copy of an article or comic strip you send him so the mailroom won't consider it contraband. 

Do not send him stamps either. Put your return address on the envelope or they will throw it out.

Central State Prison - Daniel Boccia #1000946150

MACON, GA 31208



The next time we can add permanent visitors is in November, but if you want a special visit request then please email me and I will send you the paperwork.

Books or Gifts

You must be on Daniels visitor list to send books or gifts or any other items.

Once you are on the approved visitor list you can mail items to the address above or you can purchase items for him through Georgia Packages.

Money or Emails

If you would like to put money on Daniel's account you can do so through the website. Register here if you do not have a login. There is a fee for this service.