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Dear Commissioner Bryson,

I am sad today. I am terrified today. I feel the way I did when my son first went into prison. The fact is that I was finally feeling good up until Sunday.

My son had a terrible time adjusting to prison life, remember, he was sentenced to 15 years mandatory, went in as a heroin addict and never had a weapon, hurt or hit anyone and stole nothing.

He was suicidal, he was deeply depressed and angry and he only had me, his dad and his sister.

He finally began to turn a corner after about 2 ½ years of sobriety. (keep in mind he never had any treatment or counseling for his addiction.)

As his father and I pushed him along with hope and love he began to heal. He began reading and engaging in healthy conversations. He was learning about himself against all the odds of his reality in prison.

He witnessed a murder, stabbings, gang fights, he was pepper sprayed, beaten and told he was a loser by officers. He avoided trouble as best he could in an environment where trouble is all there is.

Daniel is very smart. When he finally, 3 ½ years later, got into the HVAC class it was like a blast of confidence and excitement was injected into him. He raved about it. Then it was canceled 6 weeks later.

When Commissioner Evans called me about the pilot college class he was skeptical, but we went ahead and did it. He loves that class. He is acing that class. He was planning on taking his finals in December and then getting ready to move to a transitional center for long term maintenance. We were all so excited about his future and the fact that we were once step closer to spending Thanksgiving with our son.

Now he is in the hole.

For the last 4 years, I gave up my personal life to help support, sustain and grow my son and the system. I have never made a dime during all this time. I have devoted my life to this work and I am proof that it is needed and desired by the 60 million families in our country.

I was finally beginning to heal and now I feel broken again.

I am writing an essay around the subject of contraband and the impact it has on all of us. It is necessary for us to stop torturing inmates, families and officers and work together on solutions.

I have no idea what is happening to my son this very moment and I can promise you that it is very frightening to live like this.

I hope you will call me to discuss.