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When we sentence a person to prison for committing a crime we put it in writing. We spell out the length of time and the amount of probation or other action items to follow incarceration.

What we neglect to do is be honest about what we are really sentencing a person to.

A sentence must also include this as an attachment:

The State of Georgia hereby sentences you to 15 years to serve 12 years in GDOC. Along with this time behind the razor wire you will be subjected to the following:

1.      Transfer on a bus, shackled without seat belts for hours on end.

2.      Shaved from head to toe, de-liced and left in a cold cell for hours until they find a spot for you.

3.      Transfer you to your permanent camp, again shackled without seatbelts in the middle of the night. No food or toilets. You will be tired and scared, but you can’t admit that.

4.      Upon entering your prison, you will be harassed by everyone.

a.      You will be threatened, tested and degraded.

b.      You will encounter dangerous gangs and criminals desperate for food and other items of value.

c.      You will have officers and staff begin to work on your mind to break you.

d.      You will be assigned to a bunk with a plastic mat and a straw pillow. If you are lucky you will get your blanket right away.

e.      You will be given your very basic needs, hygiene, food, clothes, etc. If you want more than that your family must buy them for you at exorbitant prices.

f.       You will be fed slop 3 times a day, Monday -Thursday, but only 2 times on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and state holidays.

g.      Your family can fill your box with food that is overpriced and extremely unhealthy, if they have the financial wherewithal to afford that.

h.      You may or may not be able to receive books, magazines or mail, depends on their mood.

i.       If you have a medical need, too bad.

j.       You will be allowed outside at the discretion of whoever is on duty, and may not get yard call for weeks.

k.      You will be warehoused in a room with noise level so deafening it will be difficult to sleep or find any space for yourself.

l.       You must figure out how to survive random shake downs where you will be thrown out of your dorm and all your things will be ransacked and possibly destroyed or taken.

m.    You will be tested on every level, surrounded by corruption and contraband.

n.      You will have little chance of getting a fair shake in the discipline hearings, even though you have legal rights. No one will care.

o.      You will be pepper sprayed at some point.

p.      You will be in the hole at some point.

q.      They will pull your teeth rather than fix them. They may get cleaned at some point.

r.       You will never have a physical or eye exam.

s.      If your sentence is non-parolable you will not get any incentives to do anything so you can just sit back and do nothing.

t.       You will not be allowed to have any opportunity for change or growth.

u.      You will be assigned a job in the for-profit industry and work for free.

v.      You will not be able to find work or housing upon release.

w.    You will not be able to vote the entire time you are on paper.

5.      Your family and loved ones will also be sentenced to the same length of time. They will be subject to the following:

a.      Daily fear for your life.

b.      Confusion over your rights and how to help you with even the simplest things.

c.      Long drives to visit you.

d.      Waiting in lines for hours, no matter the weather, your age or your physical health.

e.      Turned back from visitation for wearing the wrong clothes.

f.       Threatened to be removed from visitation if you say anything.

g.      Made to purchase you vending machine food that is often not working and always overpriced.

h.      If you have children, you will be forced to have them sit still during visitation as no toys or playtime is allowed.

i.       Your family must financially support you on every level as you won’t be paid.  They will pay for:

                                                    i.     Phones, food, clothes, games, books, magazines, medical care, and any other expenses charged to your books.

                                                   ii.     Gas to drive the several hours if you can even visit.

                                                  iii.     Attorneys, legal filings, court costs, etc.

j.       Extreme sadness, depression

k.      Loss of jobs

l.       Divorce

m.    Loss of home and business that you ran.


As a further addition to your punishment, the State of Georgia will turn a blind eye.


Much love,

Momma Kate.