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Daniel and I have  been in a category 5 hurricane for 5 years now.

2. 5 million American families have been in this dangerous storm for decades. We are being whipped by high winds and beaten with flying debris coming out of nowhere. We constantly dodge the lies and accusations. Ducking the blows as best we can without real shelter.

Every now and then we get the eye of the storm. Calm, bright blue skies, peace and most of all hope. But then the inevitable happens. The eye moves off and the storm force winds begin again.  Each time the storm wall passes it takes all hope with it. Out to the churning sea that has become our reality.

This is what life is like when you love someone in prison. You want to believe that they will be safe, that they will have everything they need to grow and become successful citizens, but, this storm never ends. #HurricanePrison is real and the devastation to families and communities is as real as any hurricane is.

Our nerves are fraught and our minds are constantly racing with fear. There is no escaping the truth. The truth that no one in the government or the any Department of Corrections really cares about the Daniel Boccia’s of the world much less their families.

The National Incarceration Association (NIA) was born out of a desperate need to find a safe place in the storm. Ask my families, the hundreds and hundreds of NIA families how their storm feels.

We are not an angry mob, but we are a tired mob. Worn out, bruised, battered and beaten, and we are getting up  not giving  up.

It’s time for us to be strong and not be afraid. Get out of your boarded-up houses, throw open those shutters and let’s make our storm bigger than theirs. It is the only way the hurricane  will ever end.